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Training and Behavior Modification for Dogs of ALL Breeds, Ages, and Experience



At Nachwaechter, we combine our background in Animal Behavior/Training and Clinical Psychology and International levels of dog training and competition. We take into account all aspects of your dog's health, home life, history, and relationships with both humans and other pets. No two dogs are the same, and each pet is catered to based on the training plan we formulate together. We take a holistic approach to training, from everything from food/nutrition; health concerns; history; genetic temperament, and environment. Let our decades of experience work for you as you learn to speak your dog's language!

The "core" of planning a successful training program is the evaluation. We prefer to have a comprehensive, holistic based evaluation with a prospective client in the client's home in order to meet the dog in their natural environment, and see the family dynamics in action. During this evaluation, we work as a team to understand the dog, and his "pack". We then formulate a training plan together that everyone is comfortable with.

There is no "one" training methodology that is best for every dog. Some dogs are food motivated, some are toy motivated, and some are motivated by praise alone. Each dog responds differently to each method of training. All dogs are taught behaviors/commands motivationally. We do not incorporate corrections until the dog has learned and understands the behaviors. Dog training at all levels must be: FAIR. TIMELY. CONSISTENT.  

With our training program, we don't create "robots". We focus on positive engagement with your dog throughout the training process. All dogs are fluent in one language: body language. Your unconscious posture, and tone and pitch of voice can effect your dog's response and training success. 

While we breed and compete German Shepherds, we train all breeds from Yorkies to Great Danes.

We offer the following solutions: 

Puppy Training/Socialization

Dog Aggression/Reactivity

Basic Obedience/Manners

Off Leash Training


Aggressive Behaviors

Resource Guarding

Rescue Dog Adjustment

Advanced/Competition Obedience


Personal Protection


Training Services Include:

In Home Evaluations

In Home Private Lessons 

Group Classes

Board and Train Programs


Nachtwaechter Kennels All Breed Dog Training And Behavior Modification

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